Final Message

Multiple DDOS attacks, and still standing. 60-70 GB traffic a day. It guess its on… or off.. or whatever hacking means these days.

I think this site will be taken down anytime soon because of too much bandwidth costs which I cannot pay- On the other hand Ws refreshing to do something completely different hotu now oit I already found two new passions. something I enjoy more than bitching around about bugs here. while being rewardered with TCP love. It was a wild and fun ride. blogging never crossed mv mind but I did it anyway. New areas to explore. I am changing the landscape. searching for new frontiers instead of being stuck on the borders of limited possibilities and peer snobbery So in some ways I have to thank you, to ever you are. You made me pull the plug for good. So I ca&t be mad at you. Instead, I wish you all the best, and happy holidays’ SO fur now, the site will be closed. If it all stops and my host won’t shut me down, I might set it back up in another
fonn, but far from what it was And remember:

Karma is a bitch:)


Think Free.

We are told that we live in a free society. There is no greater test of freedom then being able to leave. In order to understand this idea better, we need to know some words and their definitions. First off, a society is a gouc of people joineo together by mutual corsent to deliberate, determine and act for a common goal. Notice how there is no mention of geographical area? Being in a certain geographical area might give you the right to join a society; however it cannot create an obligation to join.
See that mutual consent part? Pay attention to it, it will become very important. Now what is a statute? A statute law? The answer is yes and no. It is not the law, but it is a rule, which has the Force of law,
within e society. Statutes are the laws of a society. Outside of society, they have no effect et all. ¡look at society as a house party, not a prison. At this party, there is food and music. They have a system set up which is supposed to determine what music is played and what food is served. This system is supposed to be democratic in nature, where the majority decides. Now if you don’t Ike the food, music, rules of the house, or the system designed to determine those things you are perfectly free to leave, Maybe in the house (in society) you can’t smoke or own a gun. Does this mean you can’t do those things once you  Of course not if you are no longer in the house, its rules no longer apply to you.
These statutes which governments call laws, are all the laws of the society. or the house. Leave society, and these rules are no longer your laws. Those remaining behind will still have to obey them, you will not. Of course, you won’t be able to eat the food or listen to the music (collect benefits), either.

The simple fact is if this is a free society. we bave the right to cave.  Free to research the NYC wicked cast 2016 if we want to. If we do not have that right, it is neither free, nor a society. If our society was a house party, this is what we would see. At the food table, they are serving scraps and crumbs, while ne hea” them in the back kitchen whooping it up with their supplier friends (bansers). The music is either a Military March or a Polka. The waiters (government workers) are acting more and more like prison guards. There ae mirrors everywhere, not enough seats and more than enough smoke. The door leading out of this party has been well hidden and hasn’t been opened for a long time. They might have even welded it shut. ¡f we are to have a free society, then every once in a while, someone must leave, This will ensure that people know they are free to do so; someone must guard that door and ensure it opens easily. This ‘still also allow those remaining in the house, to see what it’s lice outside, without venturing forth themselves. 1f they decide cts bette- outside. then they too are free to leave.

I intend to leave society. t am not moving physically, either. As a human being born in this country. t have the Common Law right to travel anywhere within it. t also bave the right to join or not orn societies as I see fit. t cannot be forced to consent. If I refuse to consent none of the statutes everyone else calls laws will have the force of law with me. t am leaving this party, not because t reject society, but because I wish to embrace it. I want a good one.

One that is as free as can be. I reject the way in which this society deliberates, determines and acts for the common goal. ¡ am not even sure we all have a common goal anymore. Those we elect to provide us with food and music are not doing their jobs. The servants are getting uppity and actually think they are in charge. The stole my family and did so unlawfully. The RCMP refuses to investigate them and the elected representatives a’e not doing their jobs. I am sick of the rules of this house, the meager portions and the blaring music. I will open this long closed door, stand on the other side and wave at you. I will do things lawfully that you cannot do, for you are still in the house.